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Captive State
In 2025, Chicago is unrecognizable after nearly a decade of occupation by an extraterrestrial force. Seasoned Chicago cop William Mulligan has been doggedly investigating an underground faction bent on ending the alien occupation for years. He’s doing it out of his dedication to the law and in loyalty to his late partner, who was killed in the invasion, and whose sons may be active participants in the cell. Gabriel, the younger of two brothers, continues to hunt for his older brother, Rafe, long thought dead, but now rumored to be alive and among a small group of dissidents actively plotting the overthrow. In fact, Rafe, has become the phantom-like underground fugitive called "The Phoenix" who leads the charge to subvert the aliens by bombing the Sears Tower and destroying the telecommunications device atop the skyscraper. But it is Jane Doe, an old acquaintance of Mulligan’s with a mysterious past, who may have preordained what the future holds for mankind....  



109 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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