A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


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When investigative journalist Lloyd is assigned a profile on Mister Rogers, he approaches the children’s icon with cynicism, not believing that anyone can really be that good of a person. But he is immediately thrown off guard by Fred, disarmed by his honesty, and the way he seems to somehow look into his soul. A new parent, with a troubled childhood, Lloyd is forced to reconcile with his jadedness and pain. Famously, Fred Rogers had an uncanny ability to turn interviews around on his interviewer. Bit by bit, as Lloyd's cynicism is chipped away, we as an audience find ourselves looking inward as well, letting our guard down and reconnecting to a part of ourselves long buried. Inspired the real-life friendship that developed between journalist Tom Junod and Fred Rogers, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood reminds us of Mister Rogers’ dedication to empathy, kindness and decency, qualities that may be even more pertinent today than they were five decades ago. ...  


109 Minutes

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