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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cineplex Store?

The Cineplex Store offers 1000's of digital new release and catalog titles from major Hollywood, Canadian and International studios. You can rent or own your favourite movies and watch them instantly on CineplexStore.com or your preferred device, including ROKU, Xbox 360, LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Chromecast and Android.

Why can't I search for movies within this app?

Our iOS app only supports streaming or downloading movies, already purchased online at the Cineplex Store or through one of our other Supported Devices. It does not support browsing, search or purchase.

How do I rent or purchase a movie from within the app?

The iOS Cineplex Store app is a viewer only. This means the app only supports playback of content already purchased through CineplexStore.com, or through one of our other Supported Devices.

Once a movie has been rented or purchased through a support channel you can stream or download it using your iPhone or iPad.

Can I download movies to this app?

Absolutely! You can download any digital purchase or rental from within My Content
to your iPhone/iPad. Please note, rental expiry windows still apply to all downloaded rentals.

Can I AirPlay a movie from my iPhone/iPad to my TV with this app?

At this time we do not support AirPlay/Mirroring with your Apple Device; this includes using an external cable from your Apple device to another display, such as your TV.

Can I watch my movie without an internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G)?

Travelling or on the go, you can still watch your movie without a Wi-Fi or 3G cellular connection. Simply download
the title within the app, storing it to your iPhone/iPad.

As downloaded moves are stored to your iPhone/iPad, please ensure you have enough free space available to accommodate file size.

I received a Device Registration Error. What should I do?

The Cineplex Store allows up to 5 devices connected to your account at one time. If you exceed this amount, a Device Registration Error will occur. You will need to disconnect one of your devices by signing into your Cineplex Store account, and clicking on Devices.

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