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Scarred from the trauma of being stalked, Sawyer Valentini has relocated from Boston to Pennsylvania for a new life, but remains on edge following her two years of being terrorized. Sawyer participates in follow-up treatments at the Highland Creek Behavioral Center, and her initial therapy session progresses well — until she unwittingly signs herself in for voluntary 24-hour commitment. Sawyer expects to be out of the center within hours, but once she catches sight of facility staffer George Shaw, she is terrified and then enraged, because she is convinced that Shaw’s real name is David Strine and that he is her stalker. But is it real or is it a product of her delusion? As none of the doctors and nurses believe she is in danger, and all question her sanity, Sawyer’s stay at Highland Creek is extended indefinitely. Sawyer realizes that in order to survive she will have to battle her demons and fight her way out. ...  



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