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Two Can Play That Game
90 MIN
When it comes to matters of the heart, keeping her man happy and committed is all in a day's work for Shante Smith. Shante is so adept at navigating the waters of romance that her best girlfriends Diedre, Karen and Tracye depend on her for advice whenever "man trouble" clouds the horizon. But when Shante's boyfriend Keith is caught red-handed stepping out with her arch-rival Conny, Shante institutes her "Ten Day Plan" to get him back in line... and back to her. Whether it's sexy lingerie or good home cooking, playing the damsel in distress, or using the local grapevine, she has an arsenal of weapons to bring her man back. Unfortunately the happy ending that Shante expects goes sideways when Keith begins following the advice of his buddy Tony, who brings a player's perspective to the games girls play. With her relationship at stake and her friends checking her every move, Shante has to think fast and stay a step ahead of Keith if she has any hope of bringing her man back with her pride intact....  
Director Mark Brown