Tremors 2: Aftershocks


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Those giant subterranean creatures that terrorized a desert town in the original comedy-thriller "Tremors" (1990) are now plowing their way through Mexican oil fields, gobbling up everything and everyone around. The Mexican government, desperate to stop this reign of terror, has offered to pay fifty thousand dollars a head for hunting the man-eating Gabroids--and only one man can stop them: Earl Basset! The same man who stopped them before, and who, unlike the rest of his Nevadan neighbors, has been unable to make a profit from his earlier adventure. With dim ranching prospects, and encouragement from young, would-be worm hunter Grady Hoover, Earl decides once again to try his hand at his old heroic craft--Graboid hunting. So, financially challenged Earl and Grady head south in his beat-up jeep, ready for a challenging mission--however what they don't know is that the Graboids have some new tricks up their sleeves! ...  


100 Minutes

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