Transporter Refueled
PG 13
96 MIN
Known to the French Riviera's criminal underworld as the best driver money can buy, Frank Martin will deliver any "package" for a price. He abides by three simple rules: no names, no questions and no renegotiations. But his rulebook goes out the window when he is tricked by gorgeous femme-fatale Anna into driving the getaway car for an ingenious bank robbery. Racing through the streets of Monaco in a state-of-the-art Audi, Frank unwittingly becomes entangled in a scheme to bring down Yuri, the Russian human trafficker who forced Anna into prostitution 15 years ago. Hell-bent on revenge, Anna and her blonde-wigged co-conspirators kidnap Frank's father, retired spy Frank Sr., to make sure he does their bidding. Frank, who for reasons of his own avoids firearms at all costs, employs a dizzying array of makeshift weapons and lethal street-fighting moves to take on Yuri's thugs. His situation is further complicated when his relationship with Anna becomes more than just business....