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Fat guy in a little coat.

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Tommy Boy

When Tommy Callahan graduates triumphantly after seven years of college with a D+ average and returns to Sandusky, Ohio, to learn the family business, no one is prouder than his father, Big Tom--or more surprised than his hometown. Callahan Auto Parts is the lifeblood of the town, so when Big Tom takes a new bride, young Tommy finds himself confronted with buyout attempts and intrigue. It becomes clear that the only way to save the plant and the town rests squarely on Tommy's round shoulders. Hopelessly oafish, Tommy enlists the reluctant aid of Big Tom's former righthand man, Richard Hayden. Together, the two hit the road. And the road hits back.

Tommy Boy: Stories From The Side Of The Road

The crew tells their tales from the set of Tommy Boy, including how much of the improvisation throughout the film outdid the script and made the final cut!

Tommy Boy: Behind The Laughter

Get an inside look with Chris Farley and David Spade, from their roots at SNL to the original concept behind the film, and ultimately at the making of Tommy Boy.

Tommy Boy: Gag Reel

Laugh-out-loud at the hilarious on-set gags that didn't make the film.

Tommy Boy Bundle HD