This World, Then the Fireworks
Set in 1950s, a noir crime drama about two siblings Marty and Carol who have always been devotedly protective of each other. Partners in grifting and murder, their mutual devotion for one another has turned erotic. Marty's a seductive con man on the run from the police. Carol's an independent hooker who's most recent client died in the middle of a "gig." Soulmates fighting for survival in a broken world, they must deal with the never-healing wounds of a brutally tormented childhood. Enter Lois Archer, a repressed police woman who erupts under Marty's control becoming a lust-driven creature--an easy mark for his new grift. Owner of a highly marketable beach house, she is Marty and Carol's big chance to cut loose from the money-scrounging life and escape the constant nagging of their twisted mother....  



100 Minutes

Closed Captions


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