The Truth About Cats and Dogs


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Veterinarian Abby Barnes is the successful host of her own radio talk show where she entertainingly dispenses useful advice to befuddled pet owners. Abby may be smart and funny, but she routinely gets overlooked by men. Noelle Slusarsky, on the other hand, is a gorgeous model--she's also kind, generous, and a little lost. Enter Brian, a photographer who finds himself on the wrong end of a roller skating Great Dane. Intrigued by Abby's beguiling charm, evident to him even over the radio airwaves, Brian asks to meet her so he can thank her in person. Rather than suffer another rejection, Abby describes herself as a tall blonde (who looks very much like her neighbor Noelle), and makes plans--with the intention of never keeping them--to meet Brian. But the persistent and besmitten Brian seeks out Abby, finding her at work. A panicked Abby asks Noelle, who happens to be visiting Abby at the station, to assume Abby's identity, setting in motion an escalating series of comic and romantic cris ...  
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