The Texican
90 MIN
Two sworn enemies battle it out for control of an entire town. Jess Carlin is a former sherrif living in peaceful Mexican exile who must cross the border into Texas to uncover the truth regarding his brother's murder. Pursued by bloodthirsty bounty hunters and risking certain death, Carlin arrives in the town of Rim Rock where he finds a populace gripped by fear. The evil town boss, Luke Starr, not only set up Carlin in the first place, but murdered his brother, a respected newspaperman, for exposing his corrupt ways. While investigating the murder and the mounting conspiracy of silence, Carlin finds romance in the arms of a beautiful dancehall girl, Kit O'Neal, for whom Starr carries a torch. The result is a rousing frontier drama which explodes into a blazing shootout at sundown....  
Director Lesley Selander