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The Principal
110 MIN
High school teacher Rick Latimer is getting divorced. After having a few drinks one night, he sees his estranged wife out with her lawyer and goes ballistic, taking a baseball bat to the man's Porsche. This results in a reprimand from the school board, but Rick is not fired. Instead, he is assigned the job of principal at Brandel High, a school that is filled with drugs and violence. With the help of security guard Jake Philips, Rick sets out to clean up the school, laying down the law and tutoring some of the students. Unwilling to give up his turf, the ring leader of the trouble-makers, a student named Victor, challenges Rick's authority and causes the violence to escalate, eventually putting Rick and flinty history teacher Hilary Orozco in personal danger. But Victor has underestimated Rick's determination...and temper....  
Director Christopher Cain