The Perfect Holiday

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It's Christmas in the city, and angels and scrooges, believers and nonbelievers roam the streets spreading good cheer or longing for it. Too busy to think about herself, Nancy, a divorced mother of three, has been single so long she's forgotten what it's like to have romance in her life. But her son John-John, who has taken on the role of "the man of the house," and her youngest daughter Emily, who wants nothing for Christmas except to see her mother happy, can't help but feel that the holiday is missing something with their father no longer there. He's big-time famous rapper J-Jizzy, a man who talks about the meaning of love and family in front of the cameras, but behind the scenes is all about money and fame. She's looking for a man of good heart and goodwill, a man with true spirit and true love, a man just like--Santa? Yes, unbeknownst to her, the man of Nancy's dreams is waiting in the mall disguised in a fake white beard and dressed in a jolly red suit. He's a struggling songwriter named Benjamin, who's making ends meet selling office supplies and granting children's wishes as a department store Santa. One of those children is Nancy's daughter Emily. Sensing her mom's sadness, little Emily has a big idea. She's going to use her time on Santa's lap to see to it that her mom is granted happiness again. And Emily knows just how to help Santa fill her mom with joy. Just a few days before coming to the mall, she overheard her mom talking to some friends. It seems all Nancy needs to boost her spirits is a simple compliment from a man. Hearing this from Emily, Benjamin asks her to point out her mom, and after one glimpse of Nancy across the mall, he has no problem coming up with just the right thing to say--all he has to do is look into his heart. ...  

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