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The New Kids
90 MIN
Abby and her brother Loren have a happy life until their parents are killed in a car accident. The newly orphaned siblings go to live with their Aunt Fay and Uncle Charlie who live in a small Florida town and struggle to make a living with their gas station and small amusement park. This transition is hard for Abbt and Loren, and it is made harder when they are harrassed by local drug-dealing thug Dutra and his gang. Dutra bets one of the other punks that he will sleep with Abby first, and Loren tries to defend and protect his sister. Abby and Loren manage to make some new friends who help them fit in, but in spite of this, their troubles with Dutra and his friends escalate and they are forced into a violent showdown at the amusement park midway....  
Director Sean Cunningham