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The Last Word
The Last Word

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To those who know her, she’s overbearing, blunt and a total control freak — but that doesn’t begin to describe Harriet Lauler. A former high-powered advertising executive, 80-something Harriet insists on micromanaging every aspect of her life — including her own obituary, so she hires Anne Sherman, a writer at the local paper, to memorialize her. But the past comes back to haunt her when Anne finds that no one, including Harriet’s estranged daughter, ex-husband, former colleagues and her priest, has anything good to say about her. Determined to get her way, Harriet decides to refurbish her image in the time she has left. With the same iron will that took her to the top of the advertising game, she tackles a late-life "to-do" list that she believes will cement her legacy in print. Swept into the whirlwind of reinvention, Anne reluctantly records Harriet’s journey for posterity. And as she helps Harriet redefine her past, she realizes she’s beginning to take control of her own future....  


108 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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