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The Ladybug
The Ladybug

HD available on all devices. 4K limited to select SmartTVs. Learn more at

Rube is a ladybug who lives in a glass cage in a greenhouse laboratory, but wants to go to the legendary bug utopia Golden Canyon. After rescuing a dragonfly named Master Water, the two of them decide to travel there together. Along the way, they have many adventures, but when they arrive, they find that their bug utopia is just a construction site. While looking for food, Master Water is caught by a little boy who collects bugs in a glass jar that is guarded by his pet lizard, T-Rex. But Rube rescues him, releasing all of the bugs in the collection in the process. As the lizard begins to devour the fleeing bugs, the Wasp Queen arrives with her troops to help, and is so impressed by Rube’s courage that she helps him in his quest and all of the bugs re-build their adopted homeland....  


90 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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