The Great White Hype
90 MIN
Meet Reverend Fred Sultan. He's a flamboyant con man, hustler, and consummate promoter who rules over the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah better known as Las Vegas. His kingdom is the realm of the fistic arts... the sweet science... the carnival of carnage... the ballet of blood. Boxing. But despite his hustling and financial wizardry, Sultan's Vegas fiefdom is fading. Boxing attendance is dwindling, along with public interest. The problem, according to Sultan, is that people are tired of paying money to see 'brothers' beating up 'brothers'. Sultan's solution: find a white contender to face the undefeated heavyweight champ, James "The Grim Reaper" Roper. Sultan finds his Great White Hope in a seedy bar in Cleveland, Ohio. The would-be contender, Terry Conklin, is a long-haired front man for a rock band all-too-appropriately named Massive Head Wound. But Terry's got one thing going for him, besides the color of his skin: he actually bested Roper in an amateur bout many years earlier....  
Director Reginald Hudlin