The Devil's Double


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When Latif Yahia was summoned from the front in the Iran-Iraq War to Saddam Hussein's inner sanctum he was given a choice: become the double of Saddam's eldest son Uday or die. Latif underwent surgery to modify his appearance and was trained to move, speak, and behave exactly like Uday. As the stand-in taking the bullet for one of Iraq's most powerful and hated men, he participated in affairs of state, made public appearances, and during the Gulf War, visited the troops on the front lines while Uday stayed safely in Switzerland. He also saw firsthand the horrors and absurdities of a regime based on corruption and intrigue. Yahia was privy to unbridled scenes of debauchery, and witnessed repeated instances of torture, terror, rape and murder. When Saddam's soldiers plundered Kuwait, Latif was there, both the tool of his master and the recorder of Iraqi crimes. After years of service, Latif finally managed to escape to Europe. But it would take him another 10 years to get rid of the devi ...  


108 Minutes

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