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The Danish Girl SuperTicket
In 1926 Copenhagen, artist Einar Wegener is a respected landscape painter. His wife, Gerda, is also an artist, less renowned but steadily working as a portraitist. Theirs is a loving marriage, yet personal and professional epiphanies have eluded them both. That all begins to change when Gerda asks her husband to fill in for a model by putting on a dress. The experience is transformative, as Einar realizes that being Lili is an expression of her truest self and begins living as a woman. Gerda finds that she has a new muse and renewed creative ferment, but the couple soon brush up against society's disapproval. They leave for more open-minded Paris, where Gerda's career flourishes. The couple's marriage evolves, though not without strain, but again and again, Gerda supports Lili during her journey as a transgender woman. Each, through the other, finds the courage to be who they are at heart. Based on the novel "The Danish Girl" by David Ebershoff....  
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