The Boss (Unrated)

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A hard-knock upbringing has made Michelle Darnell the person she is today: a brash, savvy businesswoman whose unrelenting drive to earn cash has transformed her into a financial rock star with a colossal ego. But with this power comes a deep well of spite and jealousy from the people she has bulldozed over the years. After being sent to prison for insider trading, Michelle is released to a world in which she no longer has an empire, McMansion, hidden bank accounts or even friends. Michelle tracks down former assistant Claire, who reluctantly agrees to let her stay briefly in the apartment Claire shares with her daughter. In true Darnell fashion, Michelle devises a shady business model for a venture guaranteed to catapult her back into the big leagues while giving Claire an opportunity to build a solid future. It sounds like a win-win situation until Michelle wonders if she'll be able to regain her rightful place on top, or if the love of one family has screwed her for good. ...  



104 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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