The Avengers


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The original concept of the British-produced series, from 1961 to 1962, depicted the crime-fighting exploits of two men: the mysterious John Steed, a dilettante man-about-town and a purveyor of old-world courtesy, and David Keel, a doctor who first joins Steed to avenge the murder of his fiancee by drug pushers, and remained with him for one season until an actors' strike ended the series.<P>In 1962, the series returned to depict the exploits of two British Government Ministry Agents: the dashing and debonair John Steed and his glamorous female assistant, Catherine Gale. When Catherine resigns (1965), Steed befriends the "lovely and delectable" Emma Peel, widow of a test pilot. Emancipated and independently wealthy, "Mrs. Peel" (as Steed always calls her) teams with the gentleman spy for the sheer love of adventure. Stories depict their investigations as they attempt to solve baffling crimes. ...  
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