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The 5th Quarter
PG 13
101 MIN
In February 2006, high-school student Luke Abbate accepted a ride home from a fellow student after team practice. The driver, traveling at almost 90 miles-per-hour, lost control of the car. Luke suffered irreparable brain damage and died in the hospital two days later - just four days before his sixteenth birthday. His brother, Jon Abbate, considered giving up football after Luke's death but knew that doing so would not properly honor the younger brother who loved and idolized him. Upon his return to Wake Forest, Jon changed his number from his long-standing 40 to his brother's number 5 and dedicated the new season to his memory. The Abbate family founded The Luke Abbate 5th Quarter Foundation for the purpose of educating young people nationwide to the dangers and life-altering consequences of irresponsible driving....  
Director Rick Bieber