Swept Away

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Amber is 40, beautiful, rich, spoiled and arrogant beyond measure. Selfish, superficial and childless, she steamrolls her way through life, leaving in her wake an ever-present aura of repressed rage, pungent dissatisfaction and secret longing. Nothing and no one can make this woman happy, including her wealthy but passive husband Tony, a pharmaceutical kingpin. Knowing that his wife is bored by their usual exotic vacations, Tony surprises Amber by taking her and two other couples, on a private cruise from Greece to Italy. But as usual, Amber dismisses her husband's pathetic efforts to please her. Complaining about everything from the size of their private jet to their choice of companions, Amber loses it when she finds that the sleek yacht she was expecting turns out to be a converted Greek fishing boat. Forced into an amenities-free vacation, Amber finds a target for her anger in Guiseppe, the ship's strapping, young first mate. Guiseppe has a wicked sense of humor and a repressed rage of his own, and bitterly resents American clients and all they stand for--especially Amber and her condescending attitude. Unfortunately, he knows that he cannot challenge her without losing his job. When Guiseppe takes Amber out to join her shipmates on an underwater cave-exploration, their boat's motor fails, leaving the two stranded, with a thunderstorm fast approaching. When Amber becomes dependent on Guiseppe for her survival, the rules governing their relationship suddenly change. ...  

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