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Set in 1912 Britain, the story centers on Maud Watts, a working-class wife and mother who toils with her husband Sonny at a London laundry. She is startled one day by a protest by the Suffragettes, who are turning to public acts of civil disobedience to win the vote for women. She is even more surprised to see that her co-worker Violet is one of the agitators. Initially unwilling to get involved in the cause, Maud comes to realize that she must claim her dignity both at home and in her workplace and joins brave women from all walks of life. Her commitment to the movement is tested by giving testimony before Parliament, a brutal street skirmish, and a brief jail stint that alarms her husband. She is led to hard choices that will change her life forever, as she strives to effect real change for generations to come as she and her fellow Suffragettes risk their very lives to ensure that women's rights be recognized and respected. Inspired by true events. ...  


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