Second Act


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As Maya Vargas celebrates her 43rd birthday, she has one wish. A promotion. After 15 years at a big box store in Queens, and six as assistant manager, she’s ready to run the store. But management hires "the right man for the job" – a man with an MBA – not GED certified Maya. She is frustrated as once again street smarts doesn’t equal book smarts. But Maya’s prospects brighten when, out of the blue, she lands an interview at the elite Manhattan consumer products firm, Franklin & Clarke with CEO Anderson Clark himself, and his rising star daughter, Zoe. Zoe is skeptical, but Anderson is dazzled by Maya’s ability to think on her feet – and her super impressive resume, fabricated by her godson. Uneasy about the deception, but confident she can do the job, Maya is pitted against Zoe in a big product development competition on her first day. Franklin & Clarke’s heavy hitters align with Team Zoe, but Maya and her tiny crew of corporate misfits are determined to succeed. ...  



104 Minutes

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