Safe Men
99 MIN
A tale about two tremendously untalented singers who, in a classic case of mistaken identity, are believed to be the best safe crackers in Providence, Rhode Island. Thought to be criminals, the pair are drawn to the not-so-nefarious netherworld of the city's Jewish mafia, a "mob" that seems to consist of two men, Big Fat Bernie Gayle and his rival Good Stuff Leo. Wrongly pegged as the master safe crackers by Bernie's henchmen, Veal Chop, Sam and Eddie are somewhat unsuspecting of the complex nature of the work ahead of them. Pressed into service by Bernie, who forces them to perform a series of heists for which they are woefully unprepared, the duo find themselves running interference with actual safe crackers Mitchell and Frank and taking both credit and blame for the latter pair's brilliantly executed break-ins....  
Director John Hamburg