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It's a 1959, and Broadway is buzzing with some of the theater world's biggest names. Producer Max Bialystock, however, is no longer one of them. One day, mousy accountant Leo Bloom shows up at Bialystock's office to do his books and innocently remarks that a dishonest man could make more money producing a flop than a hit show. Immediately, a light bulb goes off in Bialystock's head, and he tries to persuade the reluctant Bloom to join him in his perfect plan to embezzle a fortune by producing a sure-fire Broadway misfire and then skip town with the cash. Deciding he's had enough, Bloom seizes the day and becomes Bialystock's partner in crime. Searching for the ultimate bad play, Max and Leo discover a musical entitled "Springtime for Hitler--A Gay Romp with Adolf and Eva in Berchesgarten." They decide to pay the playwright, Franz Liebkind, a visit on his Greenwich Village rooftop. Before he will agree to let Bialystock and Bloom produce his play, however, the Nazi-loving Liebkind insists the two would-be producers join him in celebrating the Aryan way of life and forces them to pledge allegiance to Hitler. Bialystock and Bloom embark upon securing the most appropriately untalented director. Upon entering the piss-elegant apartment of Roger DeBris and his common-law assistant Carmen Ghia, the duo finds that DeBris and company are reluctant to take on such serious subject matter until the producers convince them that, in their hands, "Springtime For Hitler" could bring the director the respect and prestige (read: Tony) of which he's always dreamed. When blonde Swedish bombshell Ulla shows up at the office looking to audition, Bialystock and Bloom hire her on the spot for the chorus. Until rehearsals, the panting duo agree that she'll work as their secretary/receptionist. In order to raise the two million dollars needed to "fund" the play, Bialystock must pay a visit to his demanding benefactors, hundreds of sex-starved little old ladies across Manhattan. Meanwhile, the girl-shy Bloom becomes hopelessly smitten with Ulla and is surprised to find that the attraction is quite mutual. ...  


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