Cineplex Store | Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
86 MIN
World-renowned hip-hop boy band Style Boyz were riding high, until front man Conner4Real went out on his own and became one of the biggest acts in the world while his two former bandmates - and best friends - faded into the background. Conner is riding a huge wave of adoration from his first album, "Thriller, Also," and tour and a documentary is in production to show how phenomenal things are going as he prepares to launch his follow-up, "CONNquest." But when he runs into self-generated obstacles constructed from his massive ego, the piece of fluff propaganda he had hoped for shows his career going off the rails. Conner's life is laid bare as he spins out of control and tries to figure out how to make things right....