87 MIN
Following the life of a goofy, cute 18-year old who works in a Baltimore sandwich shop and takes photos on the side, Pecker is a tale of fame and fortune and the downside of instant celebrity. Pecker's life changes forever when his eclectic photo collection is discovered by a New York art dealer passing through Baltimore. The photos, which are sometimes grainy, sometimes out of focus and often over-exposed, struck a cord with the New York art world. Actually, it is precisely Pecker's depiction of his family's life that makes his pictures such a hit in New York. The art world loves Pecker's pictures for all the right reasons. To them, blue-collar Baltimore is exotic, new and exciting, when they see it out of context in Pecker's pictures. As a result, Pecker's friends and family suddenly get their day in the sun, their moment of fame. But with this attention comes a public life they had not bargained for....  
Director John Waters