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Paper Towns
PG 13
109 MIN
17-year-old high school senior Quentin "Q" Jacobson believes that everyone gets a miracle in life, and his came when he was nine, when Margo Roth Spiegelman moved in next door. Margo was always an adventurer, Q, not so much. Over the years Margo became more daring and mysterious and is now one of the ultra-cool kids in school, so the two drifted apart. One night, Margo shows up at Q's window and leads him on an all-night adventure that Q is certain signals a friendship - and maybe more. But the next morning, Margo is gone, disappeared without leaving word with anyone. Or has she? Q starts to find clues seemingly left just for him - signs of where she went and why she left. By solving those clues, another adventure begins. Q, with old friends Ben and Radar and their new friends Lacey and Angela, embark on a journey to track down Margo and, along the way, discover the true meaning of friendship and the complexities of the enigma that is Margo. Based on the novel by John Green....  
Director Jake Schreier