When insurance assessor Daniel arrives at Ronald’s home to estimate the worth of his belongings, he finds a vast collection of artifacts. Following up with Ronald’s pregnant granddaughter, Daniel suggests that some of items could hold emotional value for her, which strikes a chord in the mother-to-be. Daniel’s next client is Helen, a widow whose home recently burned down. While touring the wreckage, Daniel learns that Helen was only able to save a few items, some jewelry and a baseball that her husband had cherished. Helen contacts Will, a memorabilia dealer, with the intention of selling the prized baseball and discovers that the ball is worth over $100,000. Later, Will joins his sister Donna at their childhood home, which is being sold. They share memories while debating the sentimental value of the items they grew up with. But a shocking tragedy leaves Donna emotionally shattered and Will searching for solace amid the artifacts from his family’s past....  


116 Minutes

Closed Captions


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