Meet Joe Black

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The story of a media tycoon William Parrish, whose charmed life and orderly household are suddenly disrupted by the arrival of an enigmatic young man named Joe Black who suddenly insinuates his way into Parrish's life--both in his business and private affairs. Determinedly attached to Parrish's side, Joe attends family dinners, accompanies him to board meetings, and settles comfortably in the Parrish household. Parrish's family and colleagues begin to question the nature of his relationship to his inseparable companion Joe who appears to influence much of Parrish's moves. Joe proceeds to fall in love with Parrish's beautiful young daughter, Susan, a hard-working doctor--the apple of her father's eye. For Parrish, Susan, and the rest of his family, the consequences of this romance are profound, complicated and bittersweet, for revealed only to William Parrish is the fact that Joe Black is actually the personification of Death--awaiting for the proper moment to guide Parrish to the next world. ...  



180 Minutes

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