Malibu's Most Wanted


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Brad Gluckman is Malibu's most unwanted rapper. He spends his days hangin' at the Malibrew Coffee Shop with his pimpin' crew, Mocha, Monster and Hadji, and bustin' rhymes about his hard-core life up in "the 'Bu." Immersed in hip-hop culture, B-Rad spits lyrics about his phat life and this beach boy is convinced that his wack rhymes are tighter than Hadji's cornrows. While B-Rad thinks his lyrical stylings and hip-hop lifestyle are down, he's actually taking his whole family down with him - especially his father, Bill Gluckman, who is currently campaigning to be the next governor of California. Bill doesn't understand his son and thinks all B-Rad needs is some unusual family therapy--or tough love--to cure him of his gangsta delusions. But when therapy can't solve the B-Rad public relations problem in time to stop Bill Gluckman's disastrous slide in the polls, campaign manager Tom Gibbons concocts a scheme to neutralize the problem: they'll hire out-of-work actors Sean and PJ to play ...  
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