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Legend SuperTicket


A sniper becomes implicated in the life of one of his targets; an intelligence officer becomes the engine of a plot to kill; a legendary Mujahideen warrior who forsook war finds himself in the center of one. Three different men, three different worlds, three different conflicts. They all find themselves in the middle of a murky world where all is not as it seems.

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With Ronnie fresh out of prison, he and his twin brother Reggie set about consolidating their power in the East End of London-taking on the ruthless South London gangster Charlie Richardson and his gang, and working with the American Mafia, who are keen to move from Havana into London. Hailed as celebrities, the Krays are courted by the rich and famous, and their influence extends to the higher levels of the British Establishment. They are unstoppable. Meanwhile, Reggie falls in love with local girl, Frances Shea, and marries her. Promising to go straight, he expands into legitimate business interests as owner of several nightclubs. However, nothing lasts forever. As the '60s tick by, the Krays' empire is threatened from all sides: from an ongoing police investigation, led by Inspector "Nipper" Read; by Ronnie's violent, paranoid and self-destructive tendencies, which lead him to the cold-blooded murder of Richardson Gang associate, George Cornell; and by the slow disintegration of Reggie and France's marriage, which has disastrous and tragic consequences.

Legend SuperTicket