King Kong


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Daring documentary filmmaker Carl Denham travels to exotic Skull Island with his crew and blonde leading lady, Ann Darrow. The crew comes across a group of natives engaged in a ceremony centered around a frightened young woman. The chief wants the intruders to leave until he spots Ann and offers to buy the "golden woman" so that she can be the bride of "Kong." Denham refuses, and they all return to the safety of their ship. That night, the natives kidnap Ann, take her to an altar and summon Kong, a terrifying fifty-foot-tall gorilla. But instead of killing Ann, he seems to like her and takes her away from the natives who want to harm her. Denham sees an opportunity greater than he ever imagined, so the crew captures Kong and takes him back to New York to be exhibited on Broadway. But on the night of the premiere showing, Kong is frightened by the flashbulbs and breaks free, terrorizing the city in his attempt to find his beloved Ann. ...  



104 Minutes

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