Jurassic World


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Twenty-two years later, Dr. John Hammond's dream has become a reality: Jurassic World is a bustling luxury resort off the coast of Costa Rica where families gaze with fascination as dinosaurs of every shape and size roam again, all displayed and safely contained for the guests' amusement. Because the park's commercial prosperity demands new innovations to keep guests returning, geneticist Dr. Henry Wu is pushed beyond the bounds of ethical science, manipulating genetics to engineer a dinosaur - the Indominus rex - that has never walked the Earth before and whose abilities remain undiscovered. Overseeing every corner of Jurassic World is Claire, who finds herself unexpectedly saddled with nephews, Zach and Gray, who she sends off to explore the park. Claire is consulting with Owen, an ex-military expert in animal behavior, when Indominus rex escapes. Order in the park turns to mayhem as dinosaurs escape into the open, and Claire and Owen must find her nephews before it's too late. ...  


125 Minutes

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