Jeff, Who Lives At Home
Not really much of a self-starter - unless you count bouts of philosophizing and repeated viewings of the movie "Signs" - Jeff rarely ventures far beyond his home which happens to be in the basement of his mother's Baton Rouge house where he and his now estranged brother, Pat, grew up. Still concerned but completely out of ideas as to getting Jeff to move forward with his life, his mother Sharon has whittled her own dreams for her eldest son down to completing the simple tasks she hopes Jeff might accomplish before she gets home from her civil service job. Today, it's about wood glue - could he simply make it to the store to buy some of the stuff to repair a loose slat in a shutter door? Well, he can try. But for Jeff, life is anything but simple. He is convinced that if a person can just listen for signs in the universe, a path will be made clear. The simple task he sets out to accomplish quickly becomes forgotten, as Jeff encounters a series of unexpected events. Along the way, Jeff just may find the meaning of his life... and if he's lucky, pick up the wood glue as well....  



84 Minutes

Closed Captions


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