Infinitely Polar Bear
90 MIN
In 1978, most fathers spend their days at work, but Cam Stuart is likely to be mushroom-hunting, cooking elaborate meals or working on one of his half-completed projects. Some family money supports Cam, his wife Maggie and their two daughters while Cam struggles with manic depression. But when a breakdown that lands him in a mental hospital, Maggie and the girls have to move into a cramped apartment in Cambridge, where Maggie tries vainly to find a decent job. She sees her acceptance into Columbia University's MBA program as a chance to build a better life for them and asks Cam to become the primary caregiver for the girls while she completes her degree in New York. Cam agrees, hoping to rebuild his family, but the two spirited girls are not interested in making things easy for him. Based on a true story....  
Director Maya Forbes