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Hotel Artemis
It’s a Wednesday night in the year 2028, and the streets of downtown Los Angeles are impassable. With the most violent riot in L.A. history in its third night, the city’s privatized police force is pummeling blue war-painted protestors whose only demand is clean water. Amidst this chaos, four men clad in skull masks find themselves in the middle of a failed bank heist. After turning the situation around, Sherman Atkins leads his brother Lev Atkins and their two cohorts out of the bank – right into a fire fight with the cops. Injured and seeing no other option, Sherman leads them to their only hope for survival…Hotel Artemis. The 13-story art deco structure lost its cachet with the traveling public long ago, but thanks to funding from Malibu mobster The Wolfking, the hotel’s worn exterior cloaks a state-of-the-art hospital on the penthouse level. This is a members-only E.R. exclusive to one group – criminals – run for the past 22 years by a no-nonsense woman everyone calls The Nurse....  



93 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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