Hip Hopera: Carmen

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A contemporary hip-hop adaptation of Georges Bizet's classic opera "Carmen."<P>On a busy street in Philadelphia, police officer Sergeant Derrick Hill is patroling with his partner Porter. Answering a 911-radio call, Hill inadvertently runs into his superior, Lieutenant Frank Miller and Miller's partner Nathaniel. Miller is planting drugs on an innocent young suspect but the corrupt Lieutenant warns Hill not to say anything or he will ruin his career. That evening, at a local pub, Hill is dodging worrisome questions from his sweet but over-protective fiance, Caela, when the beautiful Carmen Brown walks in. She playfully dismisses a number of drooling men, including Miller, but can't help but notice that Hill is not paying her any attention. Carmen gets into a fight, and Miller makes Hill drive her to jail.<P>On their way to the station, Carmen convinces Hill to let her drop off some jewelry at her apartment. Once there, Hill succumbs to Carmen's seductive charms. The next morning, Hill wakes up in Carmen's bed to a surprise. Carmen is gone and Miller is waiting to arrest him for abetting her escape. While Hill pines away for Carmen in jail, he talks about his love for her with fellow inmates. Carmen is also discovering growing feelings of her own for the handsome cop. When Hill is released, their reunion is joyful and passionate, but is cut short when Carmen learns that he won't move to Los Angeles because of parole regulations.<P>Hill runs into Miller at the local pub. Miller makes insulting remarks about Carmen, and Hill punches him -- breaking his parole. Hill runs home, grabs Carmen, and escapes to LA with her. Expectations fall short and tensions begin to rise once they move into a filthy, cheap motel room. Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, a shakedown in the police department threatens to reveal Miller as a crook. He knows the only weak link in his defense is Hill and that he needs to silence him for good. Although she has been betrayed, Caela calls Hill and warns him that Miller is on his way to LA. Carmen, meanwhile, has taken up with rap star Blaze, who offers to help her with her acting career. When she gets home and finds Hill packing, she tells him that she is not going with him. Carmen leaves him to attend Blaze's concert that night.<P>Miller shows up at Hill's motel room, gun in hand. Hill narrowly escapes, but can't resist trying to see Carmen one last time. He leaves for Blaze's show, Miller following close behind. As Hill pleads with Carmen to come back to him, Miller shoots from a stage catwalk. He misses Hill, but hits and kills Carmen. Enraged, Hill chases after Miller and shoots him. In the end, both murders are pinned on Hill -- and are labeled a "crime of passion." ...  


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