Harriet the Spy


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Harriet M Welsch is a savvy spy. Every day, disguised in her foolproof spy outfit, the fearless sixth-grader travels her spy route, cannily observing the world around her and scribbling even the minutest detail into her secret spy notebook. Harriet is determined to be a famous writer when she grows up. Golly, her nanny and mentor, says that if Harriet is going to get a head start on her career she must write down everything that interests her--and everything interests Harriet! Her notebook is filled with candid and sometimes imaginary tales about her neighbors, her classmates, even her best friends, Janie and Sport. But when Harriet's classmates find her notebook and read its remarkable contents out loud, her life is turned upside down. In retaliation, the sixth-graders form a spycatchers club and turn the tables on Harriet. Even Sport and Janie join in! What's Harriet to do? Has she lost her friends forever? And even worse, does this mean the end of her days as a spy? ...  


102 Minutes

Closed Captions

CC Available

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