Grandma's Boy


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Alex has one sweet life. After walking away from his death by accounting job, he's now a video game tester at Brainasiu, the company responsible for the worldwide gaming phenom of "Eternal Death Slayer." At 35, he may be the oldest tester in the business, but he's also the best. But when his roommate fails to pay the rent for six months because he's spent every last cent at Madame Wu's Filipino Palace, Alex unfortunately finds himself on the street. His friendly dealer Dante can't let Alex crash because he has a business to run and besides, the guard lion will be arriving any day. His friend Jeff agrees to put him up, until that unfortunate accident involving Alex and the action figure in the bathroom--which Jeff's mom happens to, well, catch. Alex's last resort is to move in with three hot babes--that's what he tells his friends, at any rate. In actuality, the 35-year-old finds himself living with his sweet and loving 80-year-old grandma Lilly, along with her two roommates: the "been ...  



95 Minutes

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