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Ghostbusters SuperTicket


With paranormal activity on the rise, a Columbia University academic, her ghost-chasing friend, the friend's business partner, and an MTA employee join forces to bust ghosts and save New York.

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With paranormal activity sweeping across New York City, it's up to a group of supernatural enthusiasts to band together in order to save the day. Columbia physics professor Erin Gilbert risks her reputation and bid for tenure when she teams up with scientist Abby Yates, an old friend with a mutual interest in the paranormal; they are joined by tech geek Jillian Holtzmann, an oddball genius capable of building anything they need; and MTA employee and amateur historian Patty Tolan, who knows the city inside out, rounds out the group. And in spite of a skeptical public and copious amounts of slime, the Ghostbusters set out to conquer all the malevolent spirits who are attacking New York.

Ghostbusters SuperTicket