Fantastic Four
PG 13
105 MIN
When Reed Richards' matter transportation device catches the interest of Dr. Franklin Storm at a high school science fair, he is invited to join an elite group of students at the Baxter Institute. There Reed helps develop a shuttle that runs on his breakthrough technology, but when he and some fellow students test the device, it explodes. Reed, his friend, Ben, and Dr. Storm's son Johnny and daughter Sue are all injured but later found to have gained incredible abilities: Reed can stretch his body into extraordinary shapes, Johnny can light himself on fire, Sue can become invisible and create force fields, and Ben has become a 6-foot-8, 1,000 pound rock creature. While Washington DC's political and military brass attempt to harness their fantastic powers, these four young people band together as they grapple with their new abilities and, ultimately, attempt to save Earth from a mysterious and powerful force....  
Director Joshua Trank