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An anthology of three medium length films on the subject of eroticism and desire. "The Hand" looks at a young tailor's long-time unrequited love for a beautiful Hong Kong courtesan. Over many years, he lovingly crafts the clothes that she wears for other men. Over time, the seemingly unattainable fantasy woman loses everything, just as the tailor prospers in his career. Then the unexpected happens. "Equilibrium" is about a stressed-out 1950's New York advertising man who has been suffering from a series of recurring erotic dreams. During his session with psychiatrist Dr. Pearl, he describes his dream of a woman who is familiar to him--but he can't recall who she is when he wakes up. Through the course of a very offbeat session of therapy, we discover why that is. "The Dangerous Thread of Things" follows a fortyish married couple that no longer have anything to say to one another. At an impasse, the man has a passionate one night stand with a free-spirited young girl, but this experienc ...  


107 Minutes

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