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Marshall thought that he would have it all by now--he is about to turn thirty and he is still trapped in the same job, going nowhere. In addition to that, he finds himself with a serious case of seven year itch with his boyfriend Gabe. Late one night, he stumbles across an app called "eCupid," that promises true love. Overnight, eCupid invades Marshall's life. It gets to know everything about him and the next day it seems to take control of his life. The naughty app goes so far as to text Gabe that Marshall wants to date other people, forcing Marshall to confess that he is not happy anymore. As things unfold, hot guys start to throw themselves at Marshall and his finds himself embracing the party boy life-style for awhile. But he gets a wake-up call when the man he really wants is about to walk out of his life. Marshall realizes he must take control back from eCupid and follow his heart. ...  
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