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Nicole and Mia are two very different women, but they have something in common. Both of them are sleeping with Guy Baran--and both of them are sick of his domination in their lives. Nicole is Guy's mistress. Sexy and self-assured, she was first drawn to Guy's magnetism--and then disgusted by his lies and selfishness. Mia is Guy's wife. A timid former nun with a weak heart, she is nearly suicidal over Guy's blatant infidelities, his constant cruel humiliation of her and his arrogant sexual demands. Then one day Nicole and Mia decide to free themselves from Guy's sadistic embrace once and for all. Nicole devises a murder scheme that seems foolproof, but in its aftermath Nicole and Mia each discover things about Guy--and about each other--that they'd never imagined. Then a brash, unconventional detective starts looking into Guy's disappearance. Finally, a terrifying series of clues begin to suggest that Guy may not be dead after all... and he may be coming back to deal with both of them. ...  


107 Minutes

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