Christmas Manger


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Widower Chap has turned down an invitation from his daughter, Laura, to spend Thanksgiving with her family, determined to make a feast like his wife used to do. But when he goes to the attic to get a serving dish, he falls and hits his head. His estranged foster daughter, Jessica, finds him and takes to the hospital where the doctors advise that Chap not be left alone until his concussion heals. Furious at being treated like an invalid, Chap balks at Jessica’s every attempt to help. But her daughter, the granddaughter he has never met, is eager to bond with him. Chap resists her attempts to forge a relationship but is won over when they read his wife's old Bible together. Laura is initially suspicious of Jessica’s motives for reuniting with her father, but eventually her fears are dispelled, and Chap moves past his grief into a new chapter of life with his family. ...  



90 Minutes

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