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Camera Obscura
95 MIN
Jack Zeller is an intelligent, solitary man who continues to struggle with the horrors he witnessed as a war photographer. After falling in love overseas, he talks his new fiancé, Claire, into relocating to his Midwestern hometown in the hopes of starting a family. But when his PTSD symptoms linger, Jack quickly finds himself fragile and unemployed, struggling to keep Claire by his side. Jack dedicates himself to his recovery and through professional help and medication, real progress appears evident. But just when it seems his life is coming into focus, Jack is given a mysterious camera as an anniversary gift that quickly puts this notion to the ultimate test. Upon developing the photos, Jack sees images that appear to show imminent deaths in the locations he photographed. As one horrific scene after another becomes realized, Jack is left with a moral dilemma he never thought he’d face: If you know someone is going to die, is it your job to stop it?...  
Director Aaron B Koontz