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Small time crook Archie Moses considers Rock Keats his best buddy, until Moses graciously brings Keats on a big-time drug score and is horrified to discover that his trusted friend is actually an undercover cop. When a gunfight breaks out, Keats is accidentally shot in the head by Moses in the ensuing melee. After recovering, Keats returns to work only to find that his first assignment is to escort his ex-best friend back home from Arizona, so Moses can turn state's evidence against the ruthless drug king pin he was working for. Hardly a happy traveling duo, they soon discover that there's a mole revealing their every move and that they are neither safe from the police, the FBI nor the drug thugs hot on their trail. Although they hate each other now, they soon realize that with their lives at stake, the original ties that bind are still strong--especially if it means surviving. ...  



85 Minutes

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